Prehistoric Adventures

The Museum of Prehistory of Lower Austria is one of the most important and most exciting exhibition spaces dealing with the history of the development and culture of mankind in Austria. Long before the Romans left their legacy, our land was settled and inhabited by advanced civilizations. In the Museum of Prehistory, these millennia are again rediscovered through scientific research. Does this all seem incredibly remote from our modern day lives?

Much of the behaviour and habits of our ancestors’ still live on in us. Based on the most recent scientific discoveries and using the methods of experimental archaeology, the age of the hunters of mammoths, around 40,000 years ago, to the culture of the Celts, around 2,000 years ago, are impressively presented.

Numerous reconstructions of prehistoric buildings in the open air exhibition grounds provide snapshots of 40,000 years of human history. For the first time, there has been an attempt to reconstruct a Celtic shrine.

The permanent exhibition in the castle presents what thousands of generations of people have left for us. Unique finds bear witness to the daily struggle for survival, from the appearance of human culture to the development of the first advanced civilizations, in our exhibition space.

This is archaeology at its most exciting. The Museum of Prehistory tries to provide answers to the question: Where do we come from and why are we as we are?